4th annual Ride to the “U.S. Bicycle Route System” Tour (RUSBRST)

Announcing the 4th annual Ride to the “U.S. Bicycle Route System” Tour (RUSBRST), a 3-day self-contained, self-supported, self-paced bike tour of the country surrounding Springfield, Missouri. The idea behind this ride is to have fun traveling by bicycle from your neck of the woods to see America and beyond.  We’ll ride on local roads, city bicycle routes, and dedicated bicycle trails to connect to U. S. Bicycle Route 76 (BR76), part of the U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS). This ride is open to beginner and experienced bicycle tourists who are prepared, willing, and able. While this is a great ride for those new to self-contained bicycle touring, it is not a beginner bike ride! There is no cost to join the ride; everyone pays their own way.

This is a ride I go on every year, and am happy to have other cyclists join me at their own risk. While I’m happy to advise those new to bike touring, I assume no responsibility or liability for anyone other than myself. My personal riding style on group rides is to ensure no one gets left behind. Not sure if this ride is for you? Just send me an email at greg.hoffman@crosslandcycling.com.

SELF-CONTAINED: You carry everything you need on your bike in panniers or a trailer. See my packing list here.

SELF-SUPPORTED: It’s just us, our bikes and gear, and the road. No SAG support.

SELF-PACED: Ride at your own pace. I tend to average about 12 MPH when touring.


WHEN: This year, RUSBRST will coincide with Adventure Cycling Association’s National Bike Travel Weekend… RUSBRST 2016 is set for Friday, June 3rd through Sunday, June 5th, 2016. Updates will be posted on the RUSBRST event page.

ROUTE: The 3-day ride begins and ends in Springfield, Missouri, although you can easily start and end at other points along the route. Just let me know where you plan to join.

DAY 1 takes us through Springfield via local roads, City of Springfield bicycle routes and Ozark Greenways’ paved South Creek Trail, before heading back to the country on the Frisco Highline Trail to Willard. From there, we ride on low-traffic roads to Ash Grove and Walnut Grove, where we pick up Adventure Cycling’s TransAmerica Trail (BR76) into Fair Grove. This section of BR76 is a two-lane highway with no shoulder, but traffic is relatively low. Services (food, drinks, and restrooms) are available along the route in Springfield, Willard, Ash Grove, Walnut Grove, and Fair Grove. The longest stretch without services is 17 miles, from west of Walnut Grove to Fair Grove. Map, cue sheet, and GPS downloads are available here.

: Free camping, with hot showers, at the Wommack Mill Pavilion in Fair Grove.

Services within walking distance include a convenience store, Subway, restaurants, and a grocery store.

Distance: 58 miles
Elevation Gain: 2500 feet

Overnight in Fair Grove
Overnight in Fair Grove, Missouri (2014 RUSBRST)


DAY 2 continues on BR76 from Fair Grove to Hartville. Services are available in Fair Grove, Marshfield, and Hartville. The longest stretch without services is 23 miles, from Marshfield to Hartville. Map, cue sheet, and GPS downloads are available here.

Overnight: Free camping on the courthouse lawn in Hartville. No showers, but decent restrooms inside the courthouse building are available to cyclists until midnight. Services include Subway, convenience store, grocery store, and a café.

Distance: 42 miles
Elevation Gain: 1975 feet


Camping on Courthouse Lawn, Hartville
Camping on Courthouse Lawn, Hartville


DAY 3 leaves BR76 for country back roads through Missouri’s largest Amish settlement before stopping for lunch in Seymour. From Seymour, we head back toward Springfield on mostly rural roads. The main route includes 5 miles of dirt/gravel roads through scenic Amish area, with an alternate all-paved option available. Services are available in Hartville, Seymour, Fordland, Rogersville, and Springfield. The longest stretch without services is 21 miles from Hartville to Seymour. Map, cue sheet, and GPS downloads are available here.

Distance: 60 miles (57 if you take the all-paved alternate route)
Elevation Gain: 2105 feet


Riding in Amish country
Riding in Amish country

Sign up for the 2016 ride by joining on the RUSBRST event page.



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