[A] study from Denmark followed 5106 cyclists for 18 years and showed that men who cycled very fast survived 5.3 years longer, and men who cycled moderately fast lived 2.9 years longer than men who cycled slowly. For women the figures were 3.9 and 2.2 years longer (European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, February 2012;19(1):73-80). The authors state that “the relative intensity, and not the duration of cycling, is of more importance in relation to all-cause and coronary heart disease mortality”. (Reprinted with permission from

I think I better kick it up a notch!


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  1. Tracy and I got really close to 20 avg going to Ash Grove today then we turned into the wind and went to Halltown. It’ll be interesting to see the stats when he posts.

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