Share the Road

Be a friendly cyclist. Sharing the road is a two-way street. Use a good rear-view mirror and when cars can’t pass safely, pull over to let them by when it’s safe to do so. Then wave to thank them for their patience. Give drivers good things to say about cyclists!

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  1. Thank you for this reminder.

    I used to ride a bicycle until 12 years ago. I tried in the Ozarks, but this is a very unfriendly area for cyclists. I was scared to death to get hit by a car.

    I wish I could go back to ride for hours and hours. My last ride took me about 6 hours. I loved it. I am sure I was in a better shape…LOL

    • Springfield has a growing network of nice, mostly paved bike and hike trails. You can even ride all the way to Bolivar on the Frisco Highline trail. Check out the Ozark Greenways link to the right for maps and more info. They’re a nice way to enjoy the riding without the traffic hazards.

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